Check back for specials and US Open updates.

Welcome to All Eyes On Oakmont, for the June 2016 return of the US Golf Open to Oakmont Country Club for a record 9th time!

Check back for specials and US Open updates.

The magazine made it out, a little thinner than we wanted, but high quality all the way! We have delivered it to over 40 hotels in the area, and to at leasat 20 other drop points, including the Oakmont Country Club.

If you haven't seen a copy, a PDF Copy that can be downloaded and viewed is available off this website.

All eyes will be on Oakmont this summer for the US Golf Open to be held at this Pittsburgh country club June 13th thru 19th for a record 9th time!.

This site will provide information on this major golfing event, as well as past history of both the US Open and the Oakmont Country Club.

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